The only machine control system that locates all tools, changes them safely and integrates any number of tools and assistance systems

ToolTracker, the only solution that combines tool recognition and location determination.

  • Save time & nerves: With the ToolTracker, you always know where your attachment tool is - no more paperwork, annoying phone calls or time-consuming searches.
  • Change tools quickly and safely: The tool tracker automatically recognizes the tool. No more broken hydraulics due to incorrectly set pressure, working mode or volume flow.
  • Avoid construction site downtime: The tool tracker counts the operating hours of your attachment. Your tool will not break down, but will be serviced on time. This ensures availability.
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Co-Pilot, the only control system that connects excavators, systems and tools across manufacturers.

  • Work safely and efficiently: Keep an eye on all systems (2D, scales, etc.) on a single display.
  • Remain independent of the manufacturer: Control various attachment tools (tiltrotators, hammers, etc.) from different manufacturers.
  • Be flexible and fast: A uniform interface for all systems & tools.
  • Cost-effective retrofitting and expansion: Every retrofit costs money. That's why VEMCON is cheaper than 2 individual systems from just 2 systems - expandable to any number of tools.
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The ability to use apps to control various tools and assistance systems on one display is incredibly practical in everyday life. With VEMCON, we save money because a single set of IMU sensors is sufficient for our 3D system and the VEMCON systems (2D, scales). VEMCON has made our work on the construction site much easier and reduced our costs at the same time.

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VEMCON control system saves around 3500€ per excavator

With VEMCON, you already save on two assistance systems (e.g. instead of 2D from manufacturer A and scales from manufacturer B) because hardware is only purchased and installed once (instead of twice).

It is even cheaper if you equip several excavators: You can use any attachment with any excavator because the control system is already installed. Regardless of the manufacturer of the excavator or tool. Plus: You can expand to any number of attachments or assistance systems.

Exactly how much you save depends on many factors.
How much can you really save?
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2500€ saved on hardware

1500€ Display & control unit
1000€ 4 angle sensors monoblock
(1250€ 5 pcs. adjustable boom)

As the display, control unit and sensors are only purchased once, you save around €2500 on hardware.

1000€ saved on installation

2h Display & control unit
5h Cable & sensors
1h calibration

As hardware is only installed, wired and calibrated once, you save around €1000 on installation.

( 8h*125€/h=1000€)

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Attachment manufacturers: Develop a control system with us!

  • Sell more attractive attachments: VEMCON's control systems provide excavator operators with helpful instructions on how to use the attachment correctly. This helps you avoid operating errors and violent breakages, complaints and discussions about warranty claims. VEMCON's controls enable excavator operators to work optimally (e.g. optimum angle, optimum contact pressure) so that the material gets to where it needs to be faster. These additional functions make your attachments more attractive.
  • Save development costs: VEMCON has been developing machine control systems for years. Our experienced development team supports you efficiently without the need for an expensive in-house team. This saves you high development costs.
  • Benefit from low unit costs: We are experts and know the best suppliers for control hardware and electronics thanks to our many years of experience. Thanks to our large production volumes, you benefit from the associated cost savings. This enables you to achieve low unit costs.
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Excavator dealer: Sell a more attractive excavator!

  • Save money with the 4-in-1 solution: With VEMCON, you and your customer save money because you can offer them four solutions in one: Assistance systems (e.g. 2D, scales), attachment tool control, tool location, tool recognition - but only one stock and training, installation and hardware costs.
  • Sell more attractive excavators: VEMCON can control multiple assistance systems and attachments with one display. This is cheaper for contractors because they only have to buy and install hardware once. This makes your excavator more attractive.
  • Rely on reliability: Simple installation and stable operation ensure smooth processes. Low training requirements and fast support make handling easy and efficient for your employees.
  • Buy only what you need: Excavator manufacturers change their ex-works offerings (e.g. functions, interfaces). If the manufacturer changes its offer, VEMCON adapts. You choose which functions you buy.
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Your benefits with Vemcon

  • Make excavator operators more productive than the competition:

    VEMCON develops controls starting from the excavator operator’s perspective. Our standardized and simple usability makes excavator operators more efficient: Good drivers get better. Inexperienced operators learn quickly. Thanks to VEMCON, every excavator operator becomes more productive than the competition.

  • Benefit from the modularity:

    VEMCON is an app platform for assistance systems and machine controls. Your excavators are becoming more and more attractive because we are constantly expanding the range of apps and functions.

  • Gain an unfair advantage:

    All contractors with VEMCON controls already installed prefer your excavators because there are no additional installation, hardware or training costs. With VEMCON, you have an unfair advantage over your competition.

  • Provide a future-proof control system:

    VEMCON works in interface committees such as MiC 4.0, ensuring long-term compatibility. Your customers buy a control system that will also be compatible in the future.

  • Trust the only neutral platform:

    VEMCON is not a competing machine manufacturer, but a neutral platform for assistance systems and attachments. As a partner, you can trust that VEMCON’s top priority is to make you successful.

  • Cut costs:

    VEMCON’s development team has extensive experience in the development and procurement of hardware and software. Use this expertise to reduce costs.

  • Choose satisfaction:

    VEMCON’s machine control systems have been successfully in use for years. Many years of experience and proven reliability ensure increased customer satisfaction.

In VEMCON, we have found a versatile partner that offers hardware, software and electronics from a single source. Their honest and transparent way of working, without empty marketing promises, creates real trust. VEMCON understands the customer and us as an attachment manufacturer. They provide the crucial interface to the excavator operator and carrier, supplemented by additional assistance systems. Together, we enable excavator operators to work faster and more safely. As an open, manufacturer-independent platform, VEMCON enables exactly what our customers want: To use the best products for them.

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