Discover how we are digitizing the construction industry.

Vemcon GmbH is a leading technology company specializing in the development of innovative control solutions for mobile machines. Based in Munich, Vemcon has built a reputation for pioneering technology and first-class customer service.

Our vision

Contractors worldwide rely on Vemcon to seamlessly integrate their entire fleet into the digital construction equipment ecosystem.


Our solutions revolutionize usability for operators of all skill levels, maximizing efficiency and productivity on every job site.

Mission: Everything. Simply. Connected.

We ensure the simple networking of construction machinery and processes.


To this end, we develop state-of-the-art control solutions that increase the productivity, performance and safety of construction machinery.

Our leaders

As CEO of Vemcon GmbH, Jan Rotard is responsible for marketing, sales, product management, finance and human resources as well as software and electronics development. He drove machines at an early age, repaired them and later developed and built them. Before joining Vemcon, he worked on various development and design projects for Lehnhoff Hartstahl, Kinshofer and other companies. In total, he has over 15 years of industrial experience. Rotard studied mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering.


Dr. Holger Quast has translated innovative technologies into revenue-generating business in various positions throughout his career. Since 2023, he has been driving the digitalization of construction machinery with Vemcon as COO/CFO. Prior to that, Holger was responsible for Toptica Photonics business in Biophotonics and Semicon. After his PhD in physics at TU Berlin, Holger founded start-ups and transferred Siemens technology into new businesses.