Productivity, transparency and efficiency for optimal collaboration of man, machine and material.

The Vemcon CoPilot supports the driver even in difficult work processes, providing mental and physical relief. Also inexperienced drivers work faster, safer and more precise after a short training period. What the driver feels as relief is an increase of productivity of up to 40% for the contractor. The Vemcon CoPilot automates and optimizes recurring machine movements. The assistance system ensures for example that the driver, when grading, controls the excavator arm with one single joystick axis on the push of a button, not having to move every single joint of the excavator arm. The excavator bucket is guided optimally.

Using apps – and without changing the hardware – the CoPilot can be extended with numerous functions. Clients profit from the module design of our technology platform.


Example: CoPilot Apps for Excavators

CoPilot Basic

  • Tool recognition
  • Tool control (hydraulics, tiltrotator, quick changer)
  • Fleet management
  • Remote maintenance

CoPilot Sensor Kit

  • Dynamic scale
  • BIM integration
  • 2D System

CoPilot Automation Hydraulics

  • Automatic grading
  • Height limiting
  • Optimal bucket guiding
  • Compactor guidance
  • Hydraulic braker guidance
  • Overdigging protection
  • Rail attachment guidance