The Vemcon Grader Joystick Retrofit Kit – easy control, high driving comfort, easy and precise grading.

Working closely together with experienced grader drivers, Vemcon developed the uniGRIP Grader Control as a manufacturer independent retrofit solution:

  • an intuitive and ergonomic joystick control
  • which presents all necessary machine
    functions and movements and
  • which is based on the existing machine concepts.

The joystick is integrated into the armrest. The grip plates, which correspond to the natural hand positions, enable a high driving comfort. Integrated controls in the joystick make the precise operation of all current 2D/3D machine control systems possible. Drivers don’t have to change their grip. Articulated steering also returns to a neutral middle position by pushing a button. The driver can control the machine via the left joystick or with the existing steering wheel. The steering wheel is, at all times, the highest priority. Due to this, road approval remains.

Grader Joystick Retrofit Kit: A must have for all machine operators who want to


  • Increase productivity of machine and driver,
  • Keep grader drivers fit and healthy by providing driving comfort and ergonomics,
  • Reduce training times of personnel,
  • Modernize robust working machines cost-effectively to use them for a long time.