From machine to attachment, machine to machine and machine to cloud

Vemcon connects machines, attachments, tools and cloud services via bluetooth, WiFi, GSM and narrowband to increase productivity. Our attachments, such as the Vemcon CoPilot, communicate with the excavator and provide automatic grading. They also provide the excavator driver with information about the tool to be used or the back office with clearly arranged work documentation. The back office, on the other hand, can make use of apps, for example fleet management, to upload data to the terminal of the machine. Last but not least the machines also communicate with each other, for example when the excavator tells the roller: “You can follow me now”.

All connectivity solutions are part of Vemcon’s technology platform and come into use in our partial or full automation systems. An impressive example is our cloud based tool management, which supports machine driver and contractor, among others, when it comes to selecting tools.