Machine Control. Hands-On & Beyond.

We are hands-on and rethink machine control. Our promise to clients, partners and staff: “Machine Control. Hands-On & Beyond”.

  • “Hands-On” describes the development and production of control systems, with which one has – in the truest sense of the word – a grip on the work machine: the ergonomically optimal joystick, the intelligent driver assistance system as well as full automation via cloud services.
  • “Hands-On” also stands for our work approach and mentality. We get our hands dirty and work together with the driver to understand the variety of work machines, work processes and the market down to the last detail. We use this client intimacy and market proximity to be an important part for our clients.
  • “Beyond” is the direction that we gear towards. We go far beyond mechanical machine control by hand and rethink the (partial) automation of machine control.
  • At the same time, “Beyond” expresses our need to think ahead: As solution seekers, we try to already tackle the problems of tomorrow. As problem solvers we go far beyond the expectations of our clients – from initial contact to series production.


Quality, conformity to standards, reliability and innovative products are a matter of fact in engineering. Unconditional solution orientation, complete identification with our client their work processes and machines as well as insights into how modern technologies create value, including speed and flexibility during implementation, are our strengths.