Hands-on, while thinking ahead Vemcon designs optimal work processes, in which man, machine and material collaborate seamlessly and become productive. Contractors profit from time and cost savings and increase efficiency due to transparent work processes.

Intelligent machines that seamlessly integrate into construction processes.

We think in work processes. The machine is not the center of attention, instead it is the functionality and the ability to support the driver and use the material. Contractors profit from the artificial intelligence of our upgraded machines, which – if required – can lead to fully automated work processes.

Lower costs with excavator automation, tool management and joysticks.

Only Vemcon offers intuitive joysticks, excavator automation and tool management from a single source. With artificial intelligence, excavators can learn to work precisely and independently. The tool management shows operators the necessary tools. Contractors’ costs decrease due to the resulting time savings when changing tools and the error free work done.

Support inexperienced drivers and provide relief for experienced drivers.

Experienced machine operators are hard to find. When employing experienced drivers, it is imperative to provide relief both mentally and physically, to best benefit from their abilities. When employing inexperienced drivers, they are quickly trained with the Vemcon Joystick and the Vemcon CoPilot. The excavator arm can be moved intuitively with the ergonomic joystick. The CoPilot learns independently to assist the driver in work processes.

Make processes transparent and efficient with connected machines.

Vemcon thinks ahead and makes continuing increase of efficiency for work machines possible by gathering and analyzing work process data, making the data transparent and breaking it down into the individual steps. In this way, the contractor can tell early on, which functionality or service could make the machine even more productive. Respective Cloud based services can be installed directly onto the machine. That gives the used machine an upgrade which will keep it in top shape for current and future developments.