Vemcon develops productivity increasing unique selling points for mobile work machines. Due to this, OEMs stand out from the competition, being more successful on the market.

Increase productivity with connectivity, driver assistance and joystick.

We start simplified machine control with an ergonomically optimal, custom-made joystick for intuitive machine operation. With the Vemcon CoPilot we go one step further and offer a fitting driver assistance system for partial automation of work machines. Drivers are supported and feel relief mentally and physically even during complex operating processes. Even beginners can work more efficiently, more productively, and safer with their machine. By connecting machines with our cloud-based solutions, like tool management, we increase the transparency of work processes and enable further increases in productivity.

Reduce time-to-market with market-proven platform solutions and expertise.

NetzeOur platform solution, our know-how when it comes to technology and our market expertise are well market proven. Our clients choose our platform and combine or add – depending on the required level of automation – the main components of their choice. The components are compatible with other marketable interfaces without any problems. Ultimately, OEMs bring work machines to the market with custom-made applications with very short time-to-market, as urgently required by contractors for their operating processes.

Generate new revenue with Internet-of-Things applications

With us, OEMs can already think about tomorrow, today, because we rethink machine control and connect human, machine and material. Our technology platform solution allows applications of today and tomorrow to be integrated into working machines via e.g. apps. These apps are worth it! They allow the OEM to sell new, productivity increasing functionalities for the user, installed directly onto the machine. In that way, OEMs generate revenue with applications which will redesign the future of work process on construction sites.

Increase market shares with intelligent machines.

OEMs increase the value of machines: Those become more valuable, future-proof and more productive. With artificial intelligence and in cooperation with OEMs, we create machines that work together seamlessly with man and material on construction sites. With these upgraded machines, manufacturers distinguish themselves from the competition and increase market shares.